how to turn something good into something bad

thanks to those stupid « canadian » ads (this one, actually), whenever i smell toast, i have a momentary *certainty* that i’m about to have a seizure. even though i’ve never had one in my life. thanks a lot, doctor Penfield!

(oh and by the way, NO you’re not going to be poking my brain! gees, i’m already freaked out looking at the equipement – or lack thereof – of the first astronauts (were they stupid? how could they trust any of it? and why do we trust it now when obviously it’ll always be better/safer later? am i the only one who values her own life?), so imagine someone coming to me to say ‘well it’s never been done before but i’ll remove your skull and poke around’! yeah, right. i’ll stick with the seizures, thanks.)


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